The Cookbook for women with lipedema

Why healthy and plant-based food is the key to your most beautiful legs

For women with lipedema, it is very important to optimally support the body. This is because a body with lipedema both suffers from frequent low-grade inflammation and experiences trouble burning fat. Therefore, I specifically dedicated myself to a plant-based diet with less fat, less inflammation and more energy for recovery.

Why the right nutrition is essential for women with lipedema:

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Less inflammation, so less pain

By choosing healthy and plant-based food, you prevent the unnecessary inflammation that the body can get from food of animal origin. After all, a body with lipedema deals with enough inflammation as it is.

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Better recovery

The choice for fresh vegetables and fruit - preferably organic - provides the body with the optimal nutrition for recovery. Lipedema asks a lot from our body, which makes it very important to take good care of it.

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Store less fat

Women with lipedema are struggling with fat burning. Therefore, the recipes in the cookbook are all low in fat. How we get our energy instead? From the carbs (glucose) that we, for example, find in delicious fresh fruit.

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More energy and vitality

An eating pattern with an abundance of fruit does not only provide enough energy to physically deal with this condition, but also to give you optimal mental support.

When your body is permanently fighting lipedema, you have to take extra good care of it!

This way you will face less inflammation and eat less fat, which makes your body heal better and gives you way more energy.

The reason for creating a cookbook for women with lipedema

It is my mission to support women that suffer from this obstructive condition, just like I do myself. During my years as a Quadrivas therapist, I have developed a clear vision on the approach of lipedema, in which food plays an important role. Every single body, but especially a body with lipedema, will benefit from the consumption of healthy and nutritious food. This is the type of food that our body is made for, with mainly pure (unprocessed) and preferably organic and plant-based products like vegetables and fruit. This kind of food provides lot’s of energy, improves recovery, works anti-inflammatory, helps with depression and much more. Plant-based food therefore has a healing effect.

Healthy food is of great importance for a body with lipedema

The immune system is constantly triggered to – unsuccessfully – dissolve fat deposits. Because of this, women with lipedema permanently suffer from (often extremely painful) low-grade inflammation. It is therefore important to have eating habits that anticipate this.

Therefore, I advise a plant-based eating pattern that works anti-inflammatory. Unlike animal products that can cause inflammation in our body. Besides that I focus on fruit. Lots of fruit. It is rich in carbs (what every cell in our body thrives on) and low in fat (which women with lipedema burn poorly). This way, your body gets the nutrition optimal for her needs.

The right energy from the right nutrition!

A plant-based diet is the key to your most beautiful legs

My first cookbook for women with lipedema contains 21 delicious plant-based recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. All recipes are easy to cook and packed with everything you need to live your life full of energy. Just like you deserve.

Start today! Now for only:

Rachel is the radiant face behind Lipedema Coach

Together with her team, Rachel works as a Quadrivas therapist and Lifestyle Coach. She mainly focuses on women with lipedema; a condition that affects over 10% of all women, including Rachel herself. She is therefore not just a therapist, but also an experience expert that diligently helps women with lipedema to a happy and pain-free life.

Based on the experience that Rachel has gained during the years as a lipedema patient and therapist, she developed a unique vision on the approach of lipedema. Everything that contributes to an optimal health, both physically and mentally, is used in her treatment programs.


4 months into this way of eating now and I feel great. My energy level is high and have had no infections in my body. My skin is clear, soft and last but not least have lost 10 kg!


Over 6 weeks on an eating plan from Rachel and my dietician sees my diabetes-2 improve significantly, which I am very happy with!


Such a joy to eat like this! My need for sugar has completely disappeared, I eat when I'm hungry, I don't count calories anymore which gives me a lot of rest. I feel energetic and feel great in my skin!

When your body is permanently fighting lipedema, you have to take extra good care of it!

This way you will face less inflammation and eat less fat, which makes your body heal better and gives you way more energy.