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Being happy is often all about being comfortable in your own skin and feeling good. Lipedema sure can get in the way of that! My 'way-of-working' is to work with you on a mode in which you feel happy, you are healthy and you love yourself just the way you are. This goes beyond physically treating lipedema itself. Of course the physically treatment play's a major role, but I am convinced that only treating the symptoms does not offer the optimal result. That's why I go further than just the manual Quadrivas Therapy by tackling lipedema from all sides. Meaning that I'm going to work with you to make a winning combination for your body. This winning combination will consist of; nutrition and possible supplementation, the right mindset and tailor-made exercise in addition the Quadrivas Therapy. My goal as a Lipedema Coach (and an expert from personal experience ) is to fight lipedema together with you, so that it will no longer control your entire life. With all available tools, both physical and mental. I will teach you how to be kind to yourself. Because that all contributes to how happy, healthy and beautiful you are gonna feel. And that's the most important thing!

“My life with lipedema”

In my blog I share 'my story with lipedema'. As an experience expert living with lipedema for many years, but also as a lipedema coach. Topics like; treatments, nutrition, mindset, health, personal growth ...

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Do you recognize yourself in my story? Then you may also have lipedema. It can be every helpful to know what's wrong with you. That's why I made the lipedema scan. A completely free initial advice* to get you started

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