Quadrivas and Icone® experiences of other women with lipedema

I always notice with my dear clients that they talk to me easily, because I am not only a therapist, but also an experience expert. Just like them, I also have lipedema and so I ran into the same things as they do now. Both physically and mentally. So i know how they feel living with Lipedema.

I have seen and experienced it all up close. So they can always contact me to share their lipedema experiences. Therefor I also know from my own experience how nice it is to read that you are not alone. That also strengthens me every day when I talk to my clients. That’s why I think it’s very important that you can read the experiences of my clients.

They have put their lipedema experiences, but also certainly their icoone® treatment experience or Quadrivas experiences on paper. What you generally read about their Icoone® experience or Quadrivas experience is that they have virtually a pain-free body and can finally do the things they want, because moving becomes easier.

Read Quadrivas and Icoone® treatment experiences of others

Below are some of these experiences, including my own. Because a lot has changed for me too since the treatments. A tip of the veil: thanks to the treatments I can now climb stairs without problems, just like walking and cycling. I no longer have stiff feet and dry legs are also a thing of the past. In addition, I can sit on my knees again. And it really surprised me that my legs got brown again in summer. I don’t wear compression socks anymore except when i fly. I share my experience with the treatments and healthy whole food plant-based nutrition with my clients, so that they can also get their lives back. And I hope it helps you as much as it did for me.

Read my personal lipedema story

Read all about my personal story with lipedema and how I use this experience as a lipedema coach.

My lipedema story

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The personal experiences of my clients.

Read the experiences of others
“It really is helping me a lot already!”
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