Do I have lipedema? The Lipedema Scan is intended to give you clarity about your symptomes

To know whether or not you have lipedema, it is important to identify the most recognizable symptoms. We do this with the help of the online Lipedema Scan. Based on a number of questions, it immediately becomes clear whether or not there is a high chance that you too have lipedema. You will immediately receive a first advice from me with three important tips to start you on your path to the right treatment. So it’s the test is for you, when you’ve been asking yourself: do I have lipedema?

From pillar to post...

From my own experience I know how extremely frustrating it is when your complaints are not diagnosed correctly. I too have asked myself the question in the past: do I have lipedema? Unfortunately, we often see that the knowledge about lipedema in regular healthcare leaves much to be desired. As a result, women are often misunderstood and dismissed as too fat or even obese. Stigmas that completely miss the mark and even lead to mental issues. That’s why it’s so important to get the right diagnosis. A diagnosis that opens the door to the treatment you so desperately need!

Start immediately with the Lipedema test
and receive your advice by e-mail

Do the ‘Do I have lipedema test’. Complete the questionnaire below and hit the submit button. Then I will immediately give you initial advice based on your answers. In addition, you will receive three important tips that have helped me immensely in my life with lipedema. So that you are no longer in ambiguity and can continue to address your complaints.

Fill in your details so that I can send you free initial advice* with three important tips!

Answer the following questions to give me a good picture of your complaints:

1. Does lipedema run in your family?(Required)
2. Do you feel that your upper and lower body are out of proportion and don't fit together?(Required)
3. Do you suffer from heavy aching legs?(Required)
4. Do you bruise easily for no reason?(Required)
5. Are your legs often very dry and is suntanning almost useless?(Required)
6. Are you overweight?(Required)
7. Do sports and diets seem to help the shape of your legs?(Required)
8. Are your legs and buttocks often very cold?(Required)
9. Are your thighs bumpy in structure?(Required)
10. Do you feel that your legs are tense?(Required)
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