A team with its heart in the right place!

I am very proud of this small but enthusiastic and involved team. A curious and creative team too, with an enormous drive to keep developing and growing. I can't wait to see what the future will bring us.

If I had to sum up the team in one term, it would be ‘experience experts’. Each and every one of us speaks from our own experience when we guide clients in the field of lipedema or lifestyle. Each of us ‘Walk’s the Walk’ you might say. This also fuels our drive to help people towards a pain-free, healthy and energetic life. In addition, we think it is very important to continue to develop ourselves, to always keep learning and discovering. And on this path we’ll guide you. Because in the end we do it together!


Lipoedeem Coach - Owner

In 2017 I opened my practice and started as a Quadrivas Therapist. My life with lipedema made me determined to help as many women as possible with this disabling condition. My vision to tackle this as broadly as possible was the foundation for my current role as Lipedema Coach. Now, five years later, my vision and practice have grown and together with my team I do everything to give women back their confidence and self-love.

In 2019 I started as a Quadrivas Therapist. From my own experience with lipedema I felt a great drive to help other women. Rachel's holistic vision on the approach to lipedema gives me new insights as a lipedema coach and fuels the drive to further immerse myself in this rewarding profession. I look forward with great curiosity to what we will all be doing together in the (near) future.

As a co-owner my focus is to help lay down a foundation on which our business can grow and flourish. Through my extensive experience in the creative industry I help visualise our mission to support as many women with lipedema as we can. So this hindering disease no longer controles their lives.

My Vision as a Lipedema Coach

My 'vision' is to work with you on a 'plan-of-action' that makes you feel happy, healthy and beautiful.

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