Do you also find eating healthier quite difficult?

Taking the first step is often the hardest, we are happy to help you with this!

We often hear from our clients that they don't know where to start when they want to eat healthier. And that is very understandable in this time with an abundance of information. That's why it can be nice if someone helps you with the basics first. Together we look where you are at today and build from that. Basic nutrition advice.

A 'basic nutrition advice' is your first step towards a healthy life

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Learn where you are at today

By mapping out exactly how things are now with your eating pattern, you immediately know where you can make improvements (often very easily).

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Ask us anything

You will have the opportunity to ask us all your questions about nutrition, plant-based food and about lipedema. But above all, how these things relate to each other.

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Tips from 'experts by experience'

We give you tips that have helped us immensely. Sometimes these are very simple things that make your life much easier. This can be about nutrition, groceries, good informative books or podcasts and much more.

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A solid foundation

This basic nutritional advice gives you exactly that; a good base. A solid starting point to start on your path to a healthier and energetic plant-based life

Healthy nutrition is essential for a body with lipedema

When your body has to fight lipedema every day, it is important that you support it optimally with the right nutrition

I consciously choose healthy

I consciously go for healthy food that provides my body with the right vitamins, minerals, fibers and bio-active substances. I know my body suffers from lipedema, so I do everything I can to be kind to my body and help and support it as best I can.

The consumption of animal products requires a lot of energy from our body. This is energy that I believe can be used more efficiently, for example to recover from an intensive Quadrivas treatment. Animal products and processed food in particular are also rich in saturated fat and trigger inflammatory reactions in our body. Something that women with lipedema already suffer from more than enough.

In addition, a protein-rich diet (as most animal based diets are) causes a lot of acidification in the body. Which can lead to ‘diseases of affluence’ such as; cardiovascular disease, cellulite, kidney disease, liver dysfunction, colon cancer and osteoporosis. And while we’ve been treating these lifestyle diseases for decades, their numbers continue to rise. Think about that for a second…

Unlike such diets, a plant-based diet has a strong alkaline effect and thus keeps our pH levels at a healthy level. Even without focusing on my lipedema, I experience the benefits of a plant-based diet. I feel more energetic, my skin feels better and I have better bowel movements.

Oh, did I tell you that it is also very tasty?

Start your plant-based journey with confidence

Together we ensure that you know exactly where you are currently at and where you want to go. Let us help you find your way in the transition to a largely or completely plant-based diet. An eating pattern that optimally supports your body with lipedema. Rich in vitamins, minerals, fiber and yes even proteins. Everything your body needs.

Invest in your health Now for only:

Rachel is the radiant face behind Lipedema Coach

Rachel works with her team as Quadrivas therapeut and Lifestyle Coach.

She focuses in particular on women with lipedema; a condition that affects more than 11% of all women, including Rachel herself. In addition to being a therapist, Rachel is also an experience expert and is therefore fully committed to helping women who suffer from this obstructive disease to a pain-free and happy life.

Based on the experience that Rachel has gained over the years as a lipedema patient and therapist, she has developed her own vision of how to approach lipedema. Everything that contributes to optimal health, both physical and mental, is used in her treatment processes.


What a pleasure to eat like this! My sweet need has completely disappeared, I eat when I'm hungry, I don't count calories anymore which gives me a lot of rest. I feel energetic and feel great in my skin!


Over 6 weeks on an meal plan from Rachel and my dietician sees my diabetes-2 improve significantly, which I am very happy with!


4 months into this way of eating now and I feel great. My energy level is high and have had no infections in my body. My skin is clear, soft and last but not least have lost 10 kg!

Healthy nutrition is essential for a body with lipedema

When your body has to fight lipedema every day, it is important that you support it optimally with the right nutrition