Lipedema diet: nutritious food is the best thing you can do for your body

Feeding your body with the right fuel, with food that really nourishes your body. Very logical actually, right? Absolutely, but what is 'the right food for my body, what is the best lipedema diet' I hear you think. When it comes to nutrition, there are almost as many opinions as there are people.

My quest for optimal nutrition for my lipedema

And with the advent of the internet and social media, finding the right information about nutrition has not necessarily become easier. I myself, like you, have come to a certain point where I started to think about the nutrition I took. The trigger is different for everyone. For me (actually I should say ‘for us’) it was the arrival of our first child. Of course I wanted to do everything as well as possible and all those ready-made jars and packages just didn’t feel right for me as a new mother. So I started preparing our son’s meals myself from fresh fruits and vegetables.


When I had to watch the documentary ‘Food Choices’ a little later for my Quadrivas training, it finally maked sense. The link that was made between our ‘diseases of affluence’ and our daily western diet was the big turning point for me and my family. From that moment on we (step by step) started our journey towards an optimal diet. And we have started making choices in which we put our health, vitality and energy level first.


Lipedema diet: nutritious food is the best thing you can do for your body

When you have lipedema, your body permanently suffers from so-called ‘low-grade inflammation’. These inflammations are a reaction of your immune system to the fat deposits, especially in your legs and arms. Because your immune system wants to clear them up. You can imagine that this process costs your body a lot of energy. It is therefore important that we support our body with the right nutrients. We do this by taking in food that takes little energy to process, but does yield a lot of energy.


Food that does not cost energy, but gives energy

Contrary to what many of us would like to believe, we are not made for the consumption of animal products. Meat puts a huge strain on our intestines because it is difficult to digest. it requires a lot of energy from our body to process these animal-based foods. Where fruit and vegetables are digested in the stomach after about forty minutes, red meat can take up to five hours. It also triggers all kinds of inflammatory reactions in our body. Something that women with lipedema (permanent low-grade inflammation) already suffer from more than enough. Moreover, it is full of harmful substances, such as pesticide, antibiotics, hormones, steroids, heme iron and saturated fat. These substances are all harmful to your health. So which diet is good for lipedema?


A plant-based diet is the perfect lipedema diet

So to ensure that my body is not burdened by hard-to-digest animal products, I consciously choose a plant-based diet. This is easy to digest and gives you a lot of energy. Products such as fruit, vegetables, sprouts, but also seeds, nuts and kernels are rich in important nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and yes, even rich in proteins. Do you also opt for ‘organic’ as much as possible? Then you also limit the amount of pesticide and fertiliser your food is exposed to. And this way you prevent these harmful (chemical) substances from entering your body. So if someone asks me the question: what kind of diet for is best for a body suffering from lipedema? Then my answer is always plant-based, with as much naturally pure organic products as possible.

We are happy to help you on your way to good health and vitality

Just like for most of you, it was extremely overwhelming for us to make the switch to a Plant Based diet. Completely changing your eating pattern after almost forty years is no small step. It is therefore important that you are not too hard on yourself. It doesn't have to be perfect right away. Start by switching out products one-at-a-time. Every step is one that brings you closer to a healthy and energetic life!

Like many others, we are convinced that a plant-based diet is the best option for people, certainly animals and the environment. It is better for your body, it is free from animal suffering and it has by far the least impact on the nature around us. In short, it is healthy and sustainable.


Leaving the earth as we found it

We would prefer to leave the earth exactly as we found it. Unfortunately, that is no longer a possibility. But we (you and I) can do our part! In particular by eating or drinking less (or even no) animal products. However, as we know from our own experience, the road to a healthy and sustainable life is not exactly a ready-made meal. You will have to find your way through an abundance of information, well-intentioned advice and products with long ingredient lists full of incomprehensible terms. And that can be damn tricky! And that is precisely why we want to help you. We do this, for example, by giving you a glimpse into our own kitchen via social media (so follow us if you don’t already).


Personal nutritional advice – diet for lipedema

But you can also go for personal advice. We have been working daily on healthy food and the best diet for lipedema for over five years now. With our own experiences (years of searching, trying out, tasting and adjusting, workshops and schooling) as a foundation. And on top of that a great personal interest in a healthy lifestyle. We are happy to assist you in the field of nutrition and the transition to a ‘Whole Foods, Plant Based’ LifeStyle.


My Vision as a Lipedema Coach

My 'vision' is to work with you on a 'plan-of-action' that makes you feel happy, healthy and beautiful.

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