Pricing of our
lipedema treatment options:

Investing in yourself is the best investment you can make! We often find it very difficult to invest in ourselves. Even-though it is so very important! Building 'the best version of yourself' will not only change your life, but also the lives of everyone around you...

Treatment plan

Because I want to help you as best as possible, I plan more than 2 hours for our first appointment. So that there is plenty of room to tell your story, we can discuss your complaints and there is time to map out the state of your body. By means of a treatment I will “read” you and draw up a cure for you on the basis of this.


On average, 24 Quadrivas treatments are needed, but remember that every body is different! It is important that I see you at least once a week, but I prefer to see you even twice a week at the beginning of our process.


Lipedema compensation

The lipedema treatment is partly reimbursed from the supplementary package of most major health insurers. The Quadrivas therapy falls under alternative medicine. Nowadays you do get a Quadrivas reimbursement with the major health insurers in the supplementary package to cover part of the Quadrivas costs. In some cases it’s not much, but every little bit helps. See which health insurers have additional insurance with coverage for alternative medicine and how much they reimburse.

The practice is affiliated with the NVST, the BATC and the RBCZ. Below you can see the lipedema treatment costs.

Quadrivas Therapy
  • Intake € 295,-
  • Treatment (per session) € 197,50
Icoone treatments
  • Treatment (1 focuszone) € 87,-
  • Extra focuszone € 40,-
  • Bodysuit € 35,-
  • Healthcare treatment € 50,-
  • Extra focusprogram € 40,-
LifeStyle Coaching
  • Starter Nutrition advice € 75,-
  • Personal Nutrition Plan € 225,-
  • LifeStyle Coaching 3 mo (price p/m) € 375,-

My Vision as a Lipedema Coach

My 'vision' is to work with you on a 'plan-of-action' that makes you feel happy, healthy and beautiful.

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