Quadrivas Therapy

Good blood circulation is the basis for a healthy body. Quadrivas Therapy is a manual treatment method that focuses on the recovery of the blood vessels.

Manipulation of the tissues with a poor blood supply allows the tissue to function properly again. The intensive manual techniques offer a solution for vascular (blood vessels) and adipose (fat) disorders that we mainly see in women. Specializing in lipedema.


Lipedema is a fat storage disease and it is extremely painful! Lip is fat, but with edema this disease has little to do. Actually it should be called adipost tissue disorder. Fat that people have too much causes all kinds of problems that cause the condition to deteriorate. Because grease, like a kind of glue, is suffocating all over and in between. The suffocating layer must be loosened again so that the body can walk again as it should. The layer of connective tissue around fat cells is polished away, fat is burned because the attachment techniques in the tissue ensure muscle movement. This muscle movement causes the fat cell to become smaller. By bringing movement and heat into the tissue, the resting metabolism is increased. Quadrivas & lipedema are often mentioned together and that is not surprising. We use this intensive therapy for women who suffer from lipedema.


Quadrivas activates the body’s own healing power through massage

Quadrivas therapy is a massage therapy. Thanks to the intensive massage, we activate the self-healing capacity of the various tissue layers in the body. Such as the skin, muscles, subcutaneous connective tissue, lymph nodes and vessels, blood vessels and periosteum. By activating all these tissue layers, we make them healthy (again).


During the Quadrivas treatment, intensive, deep scraping and hooking techniques are alternated. This enables the therapist to ‘untangle’ and ‘open’ tissue: the micro- and macrocirculation is activated and the tissues are better supplied with blood. This has a healing and slimming effect and inhibits the formation of new fat and moisture deposits. Muscles, joints and ligaments become more flexible. Waste and excess fat are discarded by the body. The body comes in good condition and regains its original shape.


Quadrivas therapy allows your body to recover from various complaints, which have often been going on for a long time and are caused by a poor vascular system. The therapy appeals to your body’s own strength, so that the body can resume its normal functioning. It is an innovative manual therapy that is mainly medically, but also cosmetically applicable. The therapy has a slimming, healing effect and lowers blood pressure.

Intensive therapy according to the five nature-oriented principle

The Quadrivas therapy can be used for very different conditions, but I mainly use it to treat women who suffer from lipedema, vascular insufficiency and overweight.

Quadrivas therapy works according to the five nature-oriented principles. The special massage grips and hooking techniques are aimed at releasing blockages in the underlying tissue, making the flow of energy possible again. The massage uses the meridians to optimize the energy balance in our body. By working on the meridians, the tissue receives the right stimulus and the tissue quickly becomes nice and warm. As a result, the flow is optimal and stagnations in the tissue will disappear.


Disposal of waste is important for the correct balance of our body. The Quadrivas therapy is aimed at the circulation of the body and the removal of waste. To help the body with the drainage, drinking enough water is important! The basis of a healthy body and healthy mind is a healthy diet. We give nutritional advice and assume unprocessed and unsprayed food. Mental blockages are also removed through coaching, so that you feel one with your body again.


Do you weigh above 115 kilos or do you experience a lot of pain? Then we will first use icoone® with you. This allows us to treat you 100% pain-free whilst preparing you for the intensive Quadrivas Therapy.


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My lipedema story

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