My vision as a lipedema coach

Ever since I was young I felt that my legs were different from those of my girlfriends. For years I dismissed that as 'I just love good food too much'. My GP was also of no help; "Nothing to worry about. Less salt and give your legs a rest now and then. But that didn't solve anything either. Every year it got a little more and diets and (extra) exercise did nothing for my legs.

After my first pregnancy, my body was completely out of proportion and my legs also started to hurt a lot. But no one could help me further. I really felt like I was being ‘sent from pillar to post’…


Years later I ended up at the physio due to an injury. After an extensive conversation it became clear to him; “I think you have lipedema.” Once home, I immediately looked it up online. All the questions and problems I had been dealing with for years all fell into place. I recognized myself in the images I found. And the symptoms that were described. It was immediately clear, I have lipedema.


Now that the animal had finally been given a name (after about 25 years), I started looking for something or someone who could help me with it. My search eventually brought me to Quadrivas Therapy, a specialist massage technique originating from Vietnam, which focuses on vascular and adipose disorders, including lipedema. And what turned out? It worked!


That was the start of my mission to help women who suffer from this obstructive condition and to ensure that they feel happy, healthy and beautiful again. Initially only as a Quadrivas therapist, but now also as a Lipedema Coach.


Being happy is often all about being comfortable in your own skin and feeling good. Lipedema sure can get in the way of that! This is why my goal is to work with you on a game-plan in which you feel happy, you are healthy and you find yourself beautiful the way you are.


That’s why I go further than just the manual Quadrivas Therapy by tackling lipedema from all sides. Meaning that I’m going to work with you to make a winning combination for your body. This winning combination will consist of; nutrition and possible supplementation, the right mindset and tailor-made exercise in addition the Quadrivas Therapy.


My goal as a Lipedema Coach (and an expert from personal experience ) is to fight lipedema together with you, so that it will no longer control your entire life. With all available tools, both physical and mental. I will teach you how to be kind to yourself. Because that all contributes to how happy, healthy and beautiful you are gonna feel. And that’s the most important thing!

My Vision as a Lipedema Coach

My 'vision' is to work with you on a 'plan-of-action' that makes you feel happy, healthy and beautiful.

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