De ervaring van Kamaljit

“Long story short; the therapy has helped me a lot!”

My story about changing my mind from Liposuction to Quadrivas.

Once upon a time a Handball player and someone quite active in sports turned in to a thick legged BLOB ☹. All that happened after I gave birth to my second child. My legs got bigger and bigger and looked more like sausages in my jeans. They were very painful and putting lot of pressure on my knees resulting in almost no movement in the winter months.

Here is when I really got serious about my legs! First thing that was suggested to me was Liposuction. I learnt that healing time after the painful liposuction procedure is long and painful. I was a bit afraid to get the liposuction done.

I kept on googling. One day I stumbled upon a lecture given by Dr. Karin L. Herbst who is a lipedema specialist and mentioned in her talk that she has carried out a few experiments with Quadrivas Therapy on American women and it had helped the women.

So from here on my search for a Quadrivas therapist started. Did I mention that I live in Switzerland? I just started searching for the therapists available in Netherlands and found out that there are only 12 therapists who can do this wonder. I called them one-by-one and to my disappointment they we’re all fully booked. Also they were saying that a person coming from Switzerland will not get through completion as the therapy is not a one week thing. But takes months depending on the stage of your lipedema.

But I didn’t give up, and finally a super woman called Rachel picked up the phone and said that she will help me. She scheduled me in, and here we are. Every school holiday is now a Dutch holiday 😍

Long story short; the therapy has helped me a lot! I feel much better, my legs feel lighter than before, but I still have a lot to go as I can not be in Netherlands for longer periods 😊. I’ve done only half of the total sessions that I need. With the hope of getting better with each of Rachel’s hand strokes. It really is helping me a lot already!

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